Saturday, November 2, 2013

Learning to float

A couple of years ago my girlfriends and I (the book club moms as they are known in my house) were out having a few drinks at our local wine bar, Pour (a place you have to visit if you are in my neck of the woods. More on that another time but to give you an idea of it we say Pour is like your living room, only better!!).
It was the middle of June. Any of you moms out there will understand how chaotic June can be. There are chorus and dance recitals; gifts for the teachers and bus drivers to get;  summer birthday parties for the kids to attend; camp, camp, camp (need I say more); summer vacation plans to finalize- you get the idea. June can be stressful. So when the ladies started to tell me about a summer trip they take together every year I was intrigued and envious.
They explained that they leave their kids and significant others behind and set out on a 3 day weekend to an upstate lake town to the home of a college girlfriend.
They spend the evenings listening to music outside by the water, drinking wine and eating amazing meals.  They laugh and laugh.
By day they float.
They get in their inner tubes or water floats or simply lie still and float on their backs in the water, eyes shut, feeling the hot July sunshine on their face.
They forget their troubles.  They let the water lead them where they are going. They laugh some more.
It made me remember floating as a little girl. That feeling of being still in the water. With the back of my head ever so slightly beneath the water and my eyes closed. The only sound was the rhythm of the water in my ears.
I declined their invitation that year but resolved to go.  It has been a tough couple of years for me.  I feel time passing, too quickly most of the time.  I am waiting for my life to become my own again.  Each year since then when June rolls around and I decline their invitation once more I feel more strongly that I want to be a freer person. I want to experience life more fully; take advantage of the
beautiful people and places around me. Have fun. Laugh and laugh.  Maybe 2014 will be my year.
I want to float!

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