Friday, November 1, 2013

First blog ever!!!!

Hi. I am starting out by telling a secret. As you will get to know, most of my secrets are at least mildly well known. And the vast majority are harmless (but, like everyone, not all).
Anyway, I am already getting ahead of myself...
My secret today:
This is my first blog post ever. I am nervous and not quite sure about it all. I came across a blog post on Suburban Scrawl (she's amazing!) that talked about the November challenge to write a blog post everyday. It is something I have thought about for years. Now is my time- to get out of my comfort zone; to try something new; to connect with new people and learn things from them. I am excited and I hope I actually end up having something to contribute.
I welcome comments and suggestions and feedback and new acquaintances.
I look forward to it all and I thank you for this opportunity.
Good luck to me😊

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